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Packaging and Office Supplies

Find foreign buyers for your products, enjoy the benefits of Free Trade Agreements, and become a part of the global trading SME community.

Packaging and Office Supplies

Container and packaging products may seem unattractive for entrepreneurial activities in comparison with other branches of business. However, this is a totally mistaken concept. No items can be sold without appropriate packaging.

Packaging supplies serve not only for the safe transportation of your goods. Branded packaging performs the function of company’s presentation. It is like a face of the company. When customers buy a product, they are buying emotions that start from a nicely packed purchase. And if a package can’t protect the product while delivery, the whole pleasant atmosphere will be destroyed .That’s why companies invest a lot of money into durable and nice packaging supplies.

Consequently, it opens great business opportunities for manufacturers and distributors of goods for packaging, making this industry a profitable one.

However, to start selling packaging equipment worldwide may become impossible task for many distributors and manufacturers.

“How can I find reliable partners? Where to import my products? How to organize delivery? What are customs regulations and taxes for my goods?”, – all these questions are spinning around in the head of a new businessman who wants to start international B2B activities.

As a matter of fact, you really need a good trading assistant for successful start. Such trading advisor can be Tradalaxy – a unique online marketplace.

Tradalaxy gives some absolutely indisputable advantages for distributors and suppliers who want to enter the international market.

5 benefits of joining Tradalaxy

  1. Becoming a member of SME community.

When small and middle-sized packaging companies try to sell globally, they often face a lot of difficulties because of the lack of marketing knowledge. Many companies often believe that international sale is something inaccessible for them. The truth is that small craft companies can successfully sell abroad. They can even produce goods just for import. However, that is possible only with a highly-qualified trading assistant. Tradalaxy helps new companies to become full members of SME community.

  1. High security

Being aware of all possible dangers of international trade, Tradalaxy developed highly secure protection system for its users.  What are these security measures?

First of all, packaging suppliers and distributors must undergo special security check ups. We demand a certain set of documents, like company’s registration, trade mark, verification of contact information. This list is not long, and you will not meet any difficulties while preparing documents for registration. Verification approximately takes up to three days.

Secondly, all money operations are carried through well-reputed money transfer systems.

And thirdly, our online marketplace will not keep any sensitive data of our partners. Such information is available only for payment systems.

As a result, all these measures provide good anti-fraud protection.

  1. A lot of free functions and services.

All packaging wholesalers and manufacturers are welcomed to use a number of free functions of the site. As a matter of fact, all options connected with searching for a partner and making a deal are absolutely free of charge. Moreover, no money can be taken automatically without your confirmation.

  1. Promotion opportunities

Tradalaxy carefully analyzes the current situation on the global market and constantly updates the information about the territorial demand for the products. It means that your production will be advertised to the countries where the demand is increasing. It will really help you to boost your sales greatly.

In addition, your own site can be advertised with the help of our platform. And what’s more, if you haven’t designed your site yet, you can create the site for your company on Tradalaxy.  Your site will work on the subdomain and will be connected to Google Shopping.

  1. Special support for special companies.

Tradalaxy provides special support for businesses opened by women or by displaced people as well as for companies with eco-friendly production. The products of such companies are displayed on top of the search results, and the information about their founders is available for all clients of the platform.

Product packaging suppliers and distributors are most welcomed to use advantages of cooperation with partners from countries that joined Free Trade Agreements.

Free Trade Agreements greatly contribute into the development of international trade because they allow simplifying customs regulations, easy money transfers and logistics. All these factors make expenses less and the business more profitable.

What product packaging supplies can be found on Tradalaxy?

Tradalaxy is quite a new project. It was launched in 2019, but has already connected sellers and buyers from many European and Asian countries.

Due to the growing popularity of the marketplace we have to enlarge the product range all the time. We create new categories and subcategories. In order to stay updated of all changes, join us now!

“Packaging and office supplies” category includes various goods. You can find everything starting from plastic containers or food boxes and finishing with stretch blow molding machines.

Let’s take a closer look at the products now!

  • Fibc manufacturers offer various types of shipping supplies in the corresponding subcategory. However, before choosing fibc products for distribution or for the usage within your own company, you have to take into account the type of products you are going to deliver. Different shipping supplies are used for transportation of food, chemicals, sand, salt, seeds, and plastic, etc.
  • Retail packaging supplies can also be found on Tradalaxy. Such example of small-scale wholesale is lunch bags in a number of variations. You can order these products for the inner use in your company or for distribution in a retail store as well as for wholesale distribution.
  • All food packing materials must be certified in order to be displayed on our marketplace. So, ordering packing supplies you can be absolutely sure that all production is safe to use and meets the standards of quality and safety (for instance, certificates of Food safety management system). And what is more, the platforms displays scan copies of such certificates. This information can be viewed in the description of goods.
  • Among wholesale packaging supplies one can find various types of industrial automatic stretch blow molding machines. The description includes necessary information about the blowing pressure, voltage supply and so on. This kind of products is also certified with CE certificate and conformity to HACCP. 
  • Apart from standard wholesale packaging goods, distributors will be pleased to see some unique products like crafted textile or fibrous sausage casings. Such products will help you to increase brand recognition.

How to buy safely on Tradalaxy?

Any registered wholesale packaging supplier or distributor will get all necessary information and all possible support from a specialist of the marketplace. It is true that international deals are really simple and fast with Tradalaxy. Though, to save your time and to avoid possible mistakes, companies are advised to be very attentive when making a deal.

  • First of all, you must read the description very carefully because there you will find answers for most of your questions like the quantity, price, certifications, ways of logistics, origin of the product, and so on.
  • Before contacting a packaging company, you’d better check price range for the similar products. Tradalaxy supports healthy competition between companies because it improves the quality of products and services.
  • Be attentive to the specifications of the products. Our marketplace guarantees that the goods look the same way as they are shown on the platform. But, in your turn, you must check yourself if the size or weight of the product meets your expectations.
  • Any packaging store or wholesaler has to provide information about the delivery methods. You can choose among various in-built ways of logistics depending on the quantity of the items. Keep in mind that express delivery of small freights is also possible.
  • You can always ask for help. We launched a few really useful functions like Trade Assistant, Direct contact with the seller via a special site form, and Support Center. Therefore, you must feel free to use them if any aspect of the deal seems unclear.

We wish you only the most profitable deals that will take your business to the international level! Remember that we are always here to provide maximum assistance to our clients.

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