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Food and Beverages

The Food and Beverages industry totals 10% of the world’s GDP, exporting around $1.5 trillion worth of goods in 2017.

Food and Beverages

Food products occupy one of the largest parts of the world’s trade. It is not a surprising fact, as food is a basic need of a human. Indeed, whatever happens, people will always want to eat and drink. Besides, people are curious about trying something new and unusual for them. That’s why the demand for imported food items is really high. And all this makes the food industry really attractive for business.

If food suppliers for business want to start selling internationally, they may get lost in the enormous diversity of online wholesale sites, trading platforms, and marketplaces. They will be full of doubts when making a deal with a new partner because it is easy to get cheated. Unfortunately, frauds in online commerce occur all the time. So, what should a new company do to be successful in the international B2B activity?

The first thing to focus on is to find a secure partner for online wholesale shopping. Choosing Tradalaxy, you choose safety, convenience, and success.

What are advantages for food suppliers and distributors?

  1. Free access and security

Any food distributor or supplier can join Tradalaxy without paying anything. Registration is absolutely free of charge. Our marketplace is strongly concerned about the security that is why you have to provide the documents needed for verification. The list varies a bit depending whether you are a seller or a buyer. In general, it includes the documents proving the right of ownership, certificates of your products, information about the company itself (team, office, location – all this information will be available for all users of the platform), verified phone number.

Food wholesale suppliers and distributors should not be tensed about the reliability of the partners. Tradalaxy is strongly concerned about the anti-fraud protection and does everything possible to give the best possible services for its users.

Wholesale food suppliers online are obliged to provide pictures of the product that match the reality. In case, if a buyer discovers that goods strongly differ from the image shown on the site, the money will not be transferred to the seller and all necessary actions will be taken to settle the problematic issue.

Remember that our highly professional support center is always ready to assist you in solving controversial issues that may arise.

At the same time, our marketplace is not going to keep any sensitive data of our users. This will be left for partner services. Regarding financial operations, for instance, international payment systems such as Fondy, Escrow, Shopify and more are used for secure and fast money transfers.

  1. Ability to work globally

With the help of our online platform you can start your business activity on the other continent without leaving your office. Do you plan to export apples from the EU to Canada? That’s pretty easy because our platform unites reliable business partners from all over the world!

  1. Easy promotion of your shop or site

Wholesale food suppliers that have created account on Tradalaxy should not worry about the promotion. The platform will do this job for you and promote your goods to places where the demand is high, and so the profit will be good.

Tradalaxy targets the audience who is interested in B2B activities between the countries of Free Trade Agreements because in this case international trade becomes easier and less expensive.

Food and beverages manufacturers can also use our marketplace for the creation of the own online shop that will work on the subdomain of the platform.

What food and beverage goods can be found here?

  • Tradalaxy is a large online marketplace  for world’s trade. Here you can literally find all sorts of things from packs of carefully selected potatoes to exquisite desserts. However, we are strongly concerned about the ecology and animal protection. We believe in the world free of cruelty. That’s why our platform does not allow any products of animal origin or products tested on animals. On the contrary, we support companies that sell eco-friendly goods. We request our partners to go through the accredited certifications proving companies’ cruelty-free practice (Cruelty Free International, PETA and so on).
  • Food production companies were among the first ones who started collaboration with Tradalaxy back in 2019. At the moment the category “Food and Beverages” includes a great variety of items. For your convenience, it was subdivided into more categories “Vegetables, Roots, Tubers”, “Fruits and Nuts”, “Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Biscuits and other bakers’ wares”, “Honey”, “Confectionery”, “Coffee and coffee substitutes”.
  • Day by day the number of the companies that have joined Tradalaxy is growing. Consequently, the catalogue of products is being updated all the time. Join us now and stay informed!

Navigation to the category.

In each subcategory, wholesale snacks and drinks can be grouped accordingly to their price (from cheap to expensive), popularity or name.

Also you can choose whether goods are offered by “Manufacturer” or “Wholesaler or Retailer”. Our aim is to make the world trade fair, that’s why we give explicit information about the partners who display their goods on our platform.

Food and beverages distributors can be absolutely sure about the safety and authenticity of the goods. Tradalaxy has severe anti-counterfeit check-ups. It relates not only to the originality of the trademark, but also to the quality of the product.

For example, we guarantee that honey displayed on our marketplace is 100% natural, and no extra sugar or preservatives were added into its production.

Another interesting feature of the platform is that apart from traditional goods like biscuits or candies, you can find truly unique products such as honey sticks, canned curd, authentic honey mixtures and many more. All this makes the platform attractive for those distributors who target unique goods.

Bulk food suppliers that offer vegan products are also presented on Tradalaxy. To discover if the product is organic or vegan, please read the description carefully. In case if there are any doubts left, you can directly contact the seller via the online form. When contacting the seller, please state your actual phone number, your real name and relevant e-mail address.

How to buy online with Tradalaxy?

Buying online with our marketplace is easy and pleasant!

  • First of all, you have to choose the items that belong to your sphere of interests.
  • Compare all prices for products from different suppliers in the category.
  • Choose the best price/quality ratio.
  • Study carefully the description, paying special attention to the quantity of the product, its price.
  • Be aware about the type of packaging as it will determinate the special conditions of the delivery.
  • Contact the seller to clear up all issues and to agree on the deal.
  • Follow the instructions on the marketplace.
  • Please note that you should decide on the delivery way before the deal.

How does Tradalaxy protect deals?

As a matter of fact, here are certain stages of the deal that guarantee safety:

  1. Food and beverage exporters and importers discuss and agree on terms.
  2. The buyer has to submit the payment to the chosen international payment system.
  3. The seller has to pack and deliver goods to the buyer.
  4. The buyer must check the quality, quantity and conditions of the delivered items.
  5. Only after the buyer confirms that the purchased products meet his expectations, the financial payment system releases the money to the seller.

What are the peculiarities of the logistic?

Food and beverages companies are obliged to provide the information about the logistics in the description of the product. When you click on the chosen item, you will see a button “Logistics”.

This section includes the following information: HS code, SKU, place of origin of the product (country), warehouse location, nearest container terminal, nearest port, packaging details (width, length, heights, weight).

Another great feature of our marketplace is the online calculator that helps you to choose the desired quantity of the product, count subtotal price, and add the item to the cart.

A food exporter can choose from a several possible ways of delivery – delivery in containers be sea or through express-postal service for small freights (for example, USPS or DHL). These services are in-built, so, sellers don’t need to bother about the monitoring of the cargo, search for the warehouse etc.

Tradalaxy always does its best to provide you with the best service and premium quality of goods. Stay with us!

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