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Agriculture is one of the most crucial industries for humanity. Yet all over the world, it is struggling, as its GDP shares decrease with countries’ development.


The sphere of agricultural production is one of the largest world’s sectors of business. At the same time, it is the most sensitive one. Agricultural industry strongly depends on a number of factors such as the climate conditions, the cost of the labor, world’s economy situation, etc. All these factors make agriculture a really risky business, as the farmer of any kind can never be absolutely sure if he is going to be at loss or get a great profit.

Naturally, the farmers are trying to reduce the self-cost of agricultural products on every stage of their creation, i.e. from the price of seeds to the cost of machinery for harvesting.

As a rule, farms are situated far from large cities with their agricultural exhibitions and farming machinery showrooms. In order not to be limited by the location, farmers turn their attention to online shopping.

To choose a reliable agricultural marketplace is truly a tough task, especially if you are not experienced in online shopping. In fact, there are a lot of agricultural sites, marketplaces, online shopping platforms to choose from.

However, there are objective reasons to focus your attention on Tradalaxy – a global B2B marketplace –  because we create comfortable conditions both for sellers and buyers.

For agriculture distributors Tradalaxy offers:

  • Fast access and registration on our marketplace

To join as agricultural wholesalers, companies have to create an account on the platform, stating if they are sellers or buyers, and fill the site form. When registering, you should provide accurate information about the company together with the supporting documents. After fast but detailed checking up, your account becomes active and you can start your B2B activity.

  • Security and protection

Shopping for agricultural equipment or products may be really risky as it is hard to find reliable suppliers who keep the terms of agreements. Tradalaxy guarantees security for the clients. We carefully check our suppliers. Any company that wants to become our partner undergoes thorough verification. We can boast having strong anti-fraud protection. In addition, you can choose the payment method (for example, Visa, Mastercard, Swift, etc.) that is the most appropriate for you.

  • Standards of quality

You can be sure, that the goods displayed here meet the highest international standards of quality. All items are certified and all suppliers are verified.

When you choose any food product of this category like apples or berries, below the description you can see the certificates of the products. For example, here are international certification systems like ISO, FSSC 22000 and so on. That’s why you can be sure that the given agricultural product is safe to consume.

  • Convenient search engine and user-friendly interface

Our marketplace was developed by highly-skilled IT specialist that made everything possible to please users of Tradalaxy. It is easy to operate even if you are not used to online deals. With the help of the search engine you can customise your search request and choose necessary items.

For your convenience, all products are divided into the categories. For example, here are such categories as “Vegetables, roots, tubers”, “Fruits and nuts”, “Fertilizers, mineral and chemical”, “Cut flowers and flower buds.”

Our marketplace is rapidly developing. Day by day new suppliers and buyers join our platform. That’s why the catalogue is constantly enlarging with new goods items. Follow our updates to get the latest news!

Another positive feature is that you can see if the given product if sold by the agriculture manufacturing companies themselves or by the wholesaler or retailer. To group items correspondingly to these criteria you have just to press the buttons “All”, “Manufacturer”, “Wholesaler or Retailer”.

For agriculture suppliers our marketplace offers:

  • Ability to penetrate the world’s agricultural market

With the help of our marketplace you can contact wholesale companies from all over the world. You do not have to think about promotion and advertising because we will do this job for you! Your products will be promoted to the countries where the demand is the highest.

Wholesale agricultural supplies should definitely use our marketplace for boosting their sales. Especially, it relates to the small and medium-sized businesses who still believe that international trade is the exceptional prerogative of the large trading companies.

  • Safety and security

Our aim is to make international agricultural commerce easy, safe, and fast. That’s why we protect interests both of sellers and buyers. We have partner relation with the world’s best payment providers like Shippo, Stripe, Magento, Fondy, Woo Commerce.

How to buy wholesale ag products – useful tips

Our marketplace guarantees the highest quality of the agricultural products displayed in the catalogue. In addition, any wholesale distributor can be absolutely sure that the real image of the product is the same as the picture posted on the site. However, for successful deals you should follow some useful recommendations.

  1. Always compare

Before choosing one agriculture supplier, you must know average product price. There can be several equal goods in the catalogue, but the price may vary. If you find a couple of same products from different manufacturer, study both very carefully. Especially you have to pay attention to what quantity can be bought at this price. Compare products to make the best deals on our platform.

  1. Be attentive to the details

Agricultural supplies must be accompanied with the accurate and explicit information about their characteristics. It is important to know that sometimes the price is stated per kilogram or set, sometimes – per ton. Be attentive to order the actual amount of product you need.

  • Items from the categories “Vegetables, roots, tubers”, “Fruits and nuts” have all necessary certification included into the description.
  • If you choose fertilizers, the description includes information about the chemical formula and color of the mineral fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are also provided with the detailed description of how the product works.

Note! Always check the information about the storage conditions and duration of the shelf life.

  1. Ask questions

Any agri supplier as well as any distributor should feel free to use the feedback of the marketplace. There is FAQ section for the most common simple issues. For something more complicated, you can always contact our support center by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Choose appropriate payment method

Tradalaxy is an international trading platform that joins manufacturers and buyers from all parts of the world. Naturally, each country has different rules for bank operations. So, choosing a business partner you have to check where your partner is from because bank charges vary from country to country, and as a result, that will influence the delivery price.

  1. Logistics details

When speaking about agricultural products, logistics can be the main issue. Why is that of primary importance? Surely, if you are going to export agricultural equipment, a short delay of the delivery won’t be critical.

But if you target fruits, vegetables, berries or flowers, the problems with the delivery can destroy your business because these items have very limited storage life.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend you study the details of the supplier before making the deal. For example, if you are going to send apples from Ukraine to Asia, you must be 100 per cent informed about the logistics, its terms and the cost.

For your convenience, each item displayed on our trading platform is accompanied with the logistics details.

How to know about logistics?

  • Click on the chosen product, paying attention to the quantity of the item in a package first, as it will give you an idea of how much of the product you want.
  • Press button “Logistics”.
  • Read about the location of the warehouse, the nearest port and nearest container terminal. Also you will see the information about the packaging size.
  • Plan your purchase so that you will have a bit of extra time, in case of any unforeseen delays.
  • Contact the seller to agree on the deal.

Note! You have to discuss everything with the business partner because misunderstanding caused by the language or cultural differences may lead to the loss of your profit. In case of any controversial issue or any misunderstanding with a business partner, you should write to our client support center at once.

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