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Health and Beauty

Global revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care industry amounted to US $504,543m in 1H 2019 according to Statista.


Wholesale health supply has always been one of the most profitable spheres of business. The global healthcare market is expected to reach $11,908.9 billion by 2022. Surely, it opens great business opportunities for members of SME community as well.

It would be a misbelief to think that world health and beauty market belongs only to huge international companies. The truth is that small and middle-sized businesses can be successful on the global market too.

However, to achieve the potential, such companies should know how and where to find trustful partners, how to organize delivery of goods, and many more answers to really vital questions.

To buy or sell medical equipment, any newcomer company should focus on finding a reliable marketplace and a trading assistant. Tradalaxy is the place where the expectations and the reality coincide.

What is Tradalaxy for B2B trade?

Tradalaxy is the marketplace that welcomes manufacturers and distributors to start their business online. The key idea that encouraged us to develop Tradalaxy was to make international sales fast and easy for both sellers and buyers. We aspire to create the most convenient and safe conditions for our partners.

We carefully check our potential clients by collecting a set of verification documents. Such check-up process takes round 3 days and after it you can start your B2B activity.

What we offer:

  • Safety
  • Wide range of products
  • A lot of free functions
  • Highly-skilled support from the beginning of the deal to its successful finish.
  • Useful in-built functions
  • Benefits of Free Trade Agreements

When medical supplies wholesale distributors or manufacturers want to start selling globally, they often face a number of problematic issues. They don’t know where the demand for the given product can be at the highest rate.

And we know how to help with it! Our professional team of IT specialists and marketers worked together on the creation of Trade Assistant. It is the highly-efficient tool that helps our clients to investigate the world’s market.

We collect and analyze only official information about the current situation on the global trade market. This information is shown in the form that is easy to grasp for both sellers and buyers. Such explicit data will help to minimize possible risks for business.

How to distribute b2b medical supplies globally?

  1. Use FTA advantages

We would like to draw your attention to the benefits of Free Trade Agreements for SME. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an agreement between two or more countries on the creation of a free-trade territory.

For medical supplies manufacturers and distributors, FTA opens a number of great business possibilities. First of all, the customs regulations are simplified, and the tariff policy is balanced. This agreement contributes to the development of e-commerce as well because it is much easier to find customers for your products online and then sell to the country of destination. You do not have to worry about the export quota and extra weeks of logistics delays.

  1. Choose wisely

Wholesale medical supplies are displayed in abundance on Tradalaxy. As a marketplace, we aim to create the atmosphere of the healthy competition. So, you can see some similar products offered by different sellers. Don’t make too quick decisions. You should compare the goods with the maximum attention to the details. The difference in prices may be caused by the different amount of product, the country of origin, or the delivery expenses. After you choose the goods, you have to contact the seller. We recommend paying attention to the time in the country of a future partner. Tradalaxy has the useful tool that shows this current time, so you can write them during the work hours and get an answer immediately.

To contact the seller, you have to open his profile and press the button “Contact seller”. In the pop-up form you have to write your questions and leave your contact information together with your full name.

  1. Discuss everything

Medical wholesalers must always keep in mind that there may be some misunderstanding because of the cultural differences or language barrier. So, you must meticulously talk about all details of the deal. In case a problematic issue remains unresolved, you should immediately contact our support center with the help of the site form. You can also call directly to one of our offices in Ukraine or Canada. All contact information is available on Tradalaxy in the corresponding section.

  1. Use promotion tools

Any medical supplies manufacturer can enjoy the upgraded promotion possibilities with Tradalaxy. First of all, the marketplace can increase the popularity of your own site. If you do not have a specialized site for your production or if your site is not developed enough, you can make an online store on the basis of our platform. Such stores will work on the subdomains of Tradalaxy.

In addition, for medical suppliers wholesale we have a number of tools for specialized promotion on the basis of our platform. How do they work? As mentioned above, the catalogues of goods are huge. So, you have to stand out somehow. We will help you about that.

Starting a promotion campaign, you must know that we make great efforts to popularize your products. The special tools analyze the audience that can be interested in your goods, so that your products will be shown to such potential buyers.

Assortment of beauty and medical supplies wholesale.

Health and Beauty category is one of largest on our marketplace. This category develops rapidly and is enlarged with new items every day. The category is divided into subcategories such as “Cosmetics”, “Medical”, “Other Dietary Supplement”.

  • Among medical equipment, you can find medical stretchers or wheelchairs, for example. When choosing a product of this kind, be very attentive to its dimensions, net weight, and maximum weight limit. Bulky goods always require special conditions of delivery. Also you have to find out how these goods are normally packed.
  • As for other medic supplies wholesale, medical suits, medical caps, surgical masks, flu masks, medical footwear are also sold here. The prices can vary depending on the country of the production and the amount of the order.
  • Medical equipment manufacture can also be eco-friendly. If you want to go green and support ideas of the clean Earth, you have a chance to buy non-woven eco-friendly face masks for further wholesale distribution or for the usage in your clinic.
  • The subcategory “Cosmetics” comprises a really wide range of products – from massage soap to face cream or body oil. Tradalaxy carefully checks the quality of the cosmetic products that are displayed on our trading platform. The seller must confirm the safety and originality of the product by showing the corresponding certificates such as the COSMOS-STANDARD, PETA Cruelty-free Companies, the Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination, and more.
  • In the subcategory “Other Dietary Supplement”, there are a number of various health supplements both chemical and organic. Each product is accompanied by a detailed description that specifies all positive effects on the health.

Buying and selling beauty and medical supplies wholesale: additional tips.

  1. When choosing any health supplements, pay attention to the duration of the shelf life, and the amount of the active ingredients per tablet. It will help you to understand if that is really the product you are searching for, and if you can distribute it within the duration of the shelf life.
  2. For B2B medical supply wholesale it is crucial to understand your target audience and its needs. Think how to make your products more attractive for potential buyers. It may be special prices for really large quantities or special delivery tariffs, and so on.
  3. As for medical equipment supplies, make sure that your chosen equipment doesn’t require any additional custom fees because it increases the expenses.
  4. Selling wholesale medical equipment, you have to check if your product is accompanied with all necessary information about assembling, care, and maintenance.
  5. Make your profile attractive for your clients by adding pictures of good quality, giving explicit information about your company, and offering a wide range of goods.

In the category Health and Beauty we have already united sellers and buyers from Canada, South Korea, India, France, Ukraine, Iran, the USA, Greece, and many more.

Join us now and see for yourself that international sales have never been so easy!

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