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Home and Garden

Worldwide furniture and homewares sales are expected to be close to $190 billion — and this is online alone.

Home and Garden

Home and garden décor sector of business may be really profitable for a number of reasons. First of all, home is the place where people spend most of their lives. So, the saying “my home is my castle” has absolutely logical origin because everyone tries to add maximum comfort and coziness to his or her home. The luckiest ones also can boast having a garden, which, in its turn, also requires a lot of stuff. It means that home and garden products will always be in high demand.

Another feature that makes this sector of business so attractive for entrepreneurs is that the category of home and garden accessories includes a huge range of all possible goods.

However, this business can be profitable only if you find products of high quality on reasonable wholesale prices. And here a vital question arises: “Where to find a great range of goods, reliable suppliers, and the most attractive offers?”

Well, it is high time to turn your business interest to a rapidly developing international marketplace Tradalaxy!

What is Tradalaxy?

Tradalaxy is a unique online trading platform created for small and middle-sized businesses. It serves for those companies that have already reached the maximum turnover within their own country and now aim to start worldwide trade.

The platform is also useful for new home decor manufacturers who produce authentic goods and target customers overseas. Tradalaxy will assist sellers and buyers on every stage of making a deal, from opening an online store to safe delivery of products.

How to start selling and buying internationally with Tradalaxy?

1. Home and garden décor manufacturers and distributors can easily set up their B2B activity on the platform. For this you will need to register and to create a profile. Anyone willing to join the platform must keep in mind that we check all users carefully. Unlike other wholesale platforms, our requirements for registration are rather simple. You have to show the contact details of the company, its legal status, rights of ownership, certifications of the products (if you are a manufacturer). All these details will be checked and your phone number will also be verified. Having completed the check-ups, you will be able to start your business.

2. The partners of the platforms can use lots of functions for free.

Wholesale home décor suppliers can create a page of the shop, upload photos with the description of the items, and even make their own online store that will work on the subdomain absolutely free of charge. Surely, there are paid options on the platform, for example, promotion campaigns. However, the money has to be paid only after the start of advertising.

3. Choose future partners.

After joining the marketplace, you have to find partners in the chosen branch of business. Take time to analyze the best deals and offers, paying attention to the turnover of the company, the price, the location as all these things are of vital importance.

When looking for home and garden supply wholesale, new distributors are recommended to use the Trade Assistant tool. It helps to understand the principles of Free Trade Agreements and to find out where the demand for a certain product is the highest.

4. Contact the chosen company.

Home and garden suppliers and distributors can easily contact each other with the help of the site form. You only have to click on the corresponding button and write your message. A great feature of the platform is that you can always see the local time of the company you are interested in. It helps you to select the right time for your message.

What can a home and garden supply wholesaler  find on Tradalaxy?

While creating a category of Home and Garden products, we realized that this category is truly huge. Indeed, our clients have offered a great number of various goods for the display. And scrolling for a necessary product could take hours. That’s why we had to divide this category into the subcategories. The sphere where the product can be used served as a criterion for the subcategory.

Here are such subcategories as “Firewood and fuel”, “Fertilizers, mineral or chemical”, “Shelving”, “Cabinets and storage”, “Table accessories”, “Office furniture”, “Household cleaning supplies”, “Bathroom and toilet”, “Accessories”, “Climate control appliances”, “Home fragrances”. And it is not the end because with the course of time, there will be new categories. Every day specialists of our platform communicate with new companies who want to join us and start selling worldwide. We have already established partner connections with companies from Ukraine, China, India, Iran, and Austria, to name a few. Subscribe now to stay on top of things!

The main idea of “Home and Garden” category is to create such a wide range of products, so that distributors could really find anything from a garden torch to a room freshener.

  • Apart from wholesale garden products for taking care of the land, you can get everything that helps to create a cozy atmosphere in your garden. Such things are garden tables, various candles, fire pits.
  • Choosing items for garden supplies wholesale, distributors should consider selling fertilizers or other chemicals for pants. Such items are always necessary for gardening and farming because they provide good harvest. On Tradalaxy distributors can order organic and chemical fertilizers, plant growth regulators, and biostimulants.
  • As for wholesale garden supplies, this category offers seeds of the premium quality for vegetable gardens.  All seeds are calibrated, clean, and GMO-free.
  • Aside from various seeds and fertilizers, you can get all necessary stuff for BBQ, including BBQ gloves, BBQ grills, and organic fuel.
  • Also lawn and garden wholesale distributors are able to find not only products for mass market but a bunch of truly unique things. Such an example is fire pits, designed by Ukrainian manufacturer which specializes in eco-friendly goods. Various items of this kind will add a certain zest to the patio, making it look really special.
  • Speaking about home and garden supply, it should be noted that Tradalaxy is strongly concerned about ecological issues. We welcome companies that support eco-friendly technologies like recycling or organic production. Furthermore, we refuse to display products of animal origin or products tested on animals.

As for home and garden wholesale suppliers, we would like to point out that we contact only the companies that produce certified items of high quality. Unlike many other trading platforms, we don’t chase the cheapest goods. No, we select suppliers that can offer the best possible quality at the most reasonable prices. That’s why on Tradalaxy you can meet manufacturers of crafted items as well as mass market representatives.

How to make the best deals on Tradalaxy?

Searching for wholesale garden accessories or home décor, new buyers may be nervous when they are going to make their first deal on Tradalaxy. As a matter of fact, they should not be because the support center of the marketplace is always ready to come to the assistance. However, here are some helpful ideas for successful start of your B2B activities on Tradalaxy.

  1. Figure out your needs

We can’t help you if you don’t know what exactly you want. Decide what items can bring the biggest profit in the country of your business activities. Decide whether you target home décor items or gardening stuff and start your searches.

  1. Study all offers

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for garden accessories wholesale or home furniture, in any case you must carefully study all suppliers. The prices may vary greatly, depending on the country of origin, quality and size.

  1. Pay attention to the quantity

After you select the product, you must read the description with maximum attention.  You will see that the price is given for a certain quantity – per pack or per box, etc. Remember about this when you compare similar items from different suppliers.

  1. Think about logistics

All wholesale suppliers for home décor or garden stuff give information about the delivery. They state the location of the nearest port and container terminal. Also there are options for express delivery of the small quantity – FedEx and DHL. Logistics expenses can strongly influence your business, that’s why you must think of the most cost-effective way of delivery.

In short, careful planning of your business activity will lead you to success. In our turn, we will always give maximum support to our partners. We make international trade fast and easy!

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