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Worldwide furniture and homewares sales are expected to be close to $190 billion — and this is online alone.


A great part of online sales is occupied by the furniture segment. It is not surprising as furniture is an inseparable decoration of the house which every owner of home should choose meticulously and with the special seriousness.

That’s why office and home good furnishings are always in demand. However, wholesale distributors may find it difficult to choose a chair or a sofa through the catalog online because there is only a picture that could have been edited by a professional. So, if you want your expectations and reality coincide, you should choose only a trustful online resource.

Tradalaxy is a unique furniture marketplace that works both with wholesale buyers and sellers. On our online distributing platform we offer our customers and business partners to purchase various types of furniture for office, home, and outdoors. To select only goods with the highest quality, we took into account many factors, such as the quality, safety, certification, prices and so on. Our website will help our business clients to choose top-quality furniture accessories that have unique practical properties, exciting at first glance with their unique design.

The furniture suppliers represented on the site, offer a wide range of products that can satisfy any demand. The best thing about Tradalaxy is that the site carefully checks the sellers. What does it mean? It means that any company, willing to build partnership with the site, undergoes the explicit verification. The site guarantees safe purchases, original goods, fixed prices, safe payment methods, and strong anti-scam policy. Shopping for any kind of furniture, you can be sure that you will get the best possible service and pleasant experience.

Summing up, to buy online furniture is better with Tradalaxy because we offer:

  • Safe payment methods
  • User-friendly search engines of the site
  • Explicit information about the furniture wholesalers
  • No hidden or extra payments
  • Certified goods from verified suppliers
  • Ability to contact the supplier via a site contact form

To buy furniture wholesale has become really easy and fast with our online platform because our main priority is to sell good products on the best market prices. We believe that a satisfied client is a permanent client.

What opportunities are there for sellers?

Cooperation with Tradalaxy is beneficial for sellers as well. The reason is that we assist our sellers on an every stage of the deal.

  • We promote your goods to the countries all over the world.
  • You can choose a suitable payment method among a number of them (Stripe, Fondy, Escrow).
  • There is a strong anti-fraud protection that guarantees safe deals.
  • It is easy to promote the page of your company through our platform.
  • We can boast having highly-skilled and responsible support service that is always ready to help you.

What kind of furniture wholesale can you find in our online marketplace?

  • Wood furniture

Sale of home furniture made of wood is in particular demand, especially if it is made of precious wood. Such accessories have an incredible smoothness that is pleasant to the touch, and the glossy coating gives a gentle shine.

Home goods furniture displayed on Tradalaxy include bedroom sets, dining tables, wardrobes, shelves, stands, corner shelving and many more. Most of them are made of solid wood, that’s why they are truly durable and beautiful. On our platform you can find various furnishings which was produced of natural solid wood such as oak, ash, pine, and nut tree.

Speaking about office furniture, we offer a great variety of products, including everything from a standard office desk to a large conference table.

Indeed, if you are in search of the best ratio Price-Quality, here you can choose the highest quality at the reasonable wholesale prices.

  • Metal furniture

Planning to buy wholesale furniture on Tradalaxy, you will see a great number of metal products, including battery cabinets, outdoor cabinets, table supports, stainless steel work tables etc.

All metal furniture, the prices of which will please every buyer, is equipped with high-quality fittings, so that the furniture attributes become compact, comfortable, and durable.

When talking about the style of furniture displayed on our online platform, the range of products is really wide. You can find here classic bedroom sets made of natural solid oak wood as well as metal cabinets. Modern furnishings in the style Loft are also displayed here. The specialty of our marketplace is that we offer Loft style furniture for offices and conference halls.

What furniture wholesale suppliers cooperate with our marketplace?

Our mission is to make the international trading business easy and convenient. Tradalaxy is a rapidly developing platform that is opened for wide B2B opportunities. We are constantly attracting new partners, both sellers and buyers from all over the world. Our aim is to make international sales fast and safe as if you are buying something within your own city.

Word market furniture distributors can be absolutely sure that the quality of the products, represented on the site, meet the highest standards. This furniture is certified, safe and pleasant to use. Besides, we are actively developing eco-friendly product line.

All furniture wholesale suppliers provide real photos of the product, give necessary information about the goods dimensions, and offer various secure B2B payment methods.

Also the manufacturers of furniture give their own warranty that varies depending on the type of the product, its price, and the company’s warranty policy. Hence, you should also pay attention to this issue when ordering furniture online.

How to choose proper furniture online?

  1. Measure all the dimensions of the necessary area.

If you order a standard bedroom set, check all the parameters of the order — the dimensions, materials used in the manufacture of all the parts, the quality of fittings.

Furnitures manufacturers often specify the main dimensions of the product, but it is better to specify these parameters once again when ordering. It is necessary to monitor the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of these types of furniture. As it has already been said before, our marketplace offers furniture only from certified suppliers. Ordering something on our site, you should not be worried that the real image of the product strongly differs from the real image of the item. Moreover, we do not cooperate with companies that cannot provide the premium quality of their products.

  1. Read the description

However, in your turn, please, read the product description carefully. Why is that important? As it has been mentioned above, we guarantee that the actual product 100% corresponds the image on the site, but if you did not pay attention to the measurements or materials, you may be dissatisfied with the purchased goods. Keep in mind that the same supplying company can sell furniture made of a variety of materials: wood, chipboard, veneer, so in order not to make a mistake with the choice, study each model in detail. In case you have any doubts about the materials or the color or something of the kind, you can contact the seller with the help of the special form. In this form you have to state your personal name, company's name, leave your contact details, and finally, describe the issue.

  1. Discuss on the price

Though, there is a fixed price stated on the site, you can still try to bargain and ask about the discount. It is also necessary to find out about all expenses, connected with logistics and money transfers through the chosen payment system.

To buy furniture wholesale: extra information

Another important issue connected with the online shopping for furniture is delivery and logistics. Heavy bedroom sets or large metal cabinets surely cannot be delivered without special care.

Naturally, furniture world distributors are often tensed about the logistic. Our market place gives a wonderful opportunity to clients to choose ways of logistics. When you press the button “Logistics”, you will see such information as the package size, the nearest port and the nearest container terminal. So, you can plan the delivery of your purchase corresponding to them.

Wholesale furniture distributors are strongly recommended to decide on the delivery method before ordering the products as the sudden change of the logistics method may cause unpleasant situations, such as the delays, extra expenses and so on.

In case there are any other questions left, contact us directly or check FAQ section first.

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