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Reports reveal the global apparel market keeps growing, with a projected total value of $1.5 trillion in 2020.


Wholesale clothes, being a giant segment of the world’s economy, are always in demand. And this is not a surprising fact at all. Ever since clothes were invented, they have served to emphasize our uniqueness and create a certain image, distinguishing us from others.

A well-known saying tells that a good dress is a card of invitation. Even though, there is a second part of the saying, stating that “a good mind is a letter of recommendation”, we still make the first impression based on the looks of the person.

Fashion shows, fashion magazines, billions of clothes stores – the global apparel market keeps growing all the time. Hence, lots of businessmen turn their commercial interests to the sphere of wholesale clothing.

At the same time, wholesale apparel that meets the highest standards of quality is quite difficult to find, especially, if you are searching for reasonable prices.

In this case, clothing distributors should definitely learn about our international trading platform. Tradalaxy is the place, where you can make the best deals within a few hours. Our aim lies in creation of the most convenient conditions for international B2B activities. And we can proudly say that we are doing fine!

Cooperating both with clothing suppliers and distributors, Tradalaxy performs a function of a so called “bridge” that unites both sides of business.

Benefits of using Tradalaxy marketplace for manufacturers of clothes

  • User-friendly interface

All tools of the site, including search engines, pop-up windows, division of goods into categories, and many more options were designed to provide the best possible service for the users of the platform.

You do not need to search for necessary information for a long time. At the bottom of each page, you can find “Contact us” button that allows you to contact our support center directly. If you prefer person-to-person communication, you can call on the given number and our specialist will give you all required information.  

  • High safety level

Unfortunately, not all online wholesale sites can be called secure. A lot of internet frauds happen in the sphere of business every day. Problems with payment and delivery, fake companies – such things can completely destroy your business.

To avoid internet cheating, we developed super secure anti-fraud policy that allows us to check companies that join our site. Such anti-scum check-ups are applied both to sellers and buyers. That’s why your company should be ready to prove its identity and legal status. You can get acquainted with the complete list of requirements and terms of use by pressing the corresponding button in the right bottom corner of any page.

  • Protected money operations

Bulk wholesale clothing suppliers will enjoy convenience of money transfers with Tradalaxy. Our internet marketplace does not keep any sensitive payment details of our users. We leave this job to professionals. For the deals on the platform, you can choose one of the well-reputed world’s payment systems – Fondy, Stripe and more.

  • Easy advertising on the platform

Wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors will enjoy lots of free services on Tradalaxy. You can create profile of the company, upload photos of clothes and accessories, and start your B2B activity completely free of charge. The payment will be done only when you decide to start advertising campaign. Your goods will be promoted to the countries where your products are in need. The promotions tools analyze information about users who show interest in your company. Also you can use the platform for the promotion of your existing site. Stop waiting for a better moment to come, boost your sales right now with us!

Benefits of using Tradalaxy marketplace for distributors

  • Safe deals

As it has been mentioned above, international payment systems protect the deals on the marketplace. You should note that the money will be released to the seller only after you confirm that the deal is successful, and that you have received the desirable amount of products in the perfect condition. That’s why you must always check your purchases very carefully before you confirm that the deal is successful.

  • Ability to contact anyone and anywhere

Tradalaxy joins clothing vendors and buyers from all over the world. You can find a partner in China, Canada, Ukraine, the EU, and so on. To contact a chosen company, you can simply press the button “Contact seller”. A really helpful feature of the platform is that you can see the current local time in the country of the company. It allows you to schedule you message so that it can be answered within the shortest period of time.

We suggest clothing wholesale distributors to turn special attention to the sellers from the countries that support Free Trade Agreements for a number of reasons:

  1. Simplified customs regulations
  2. Less barriers for trade
  3. Transparency of deals
  4. Minimized risks

Tradalaxy develops very quickly, inviting both new and well-reputed companies from around the globe to join. Hence, the apparel collection is constantly enlarged with more and more items of clothing. We add new categories and subcategories, making the usage of the platform simple and convenient.

What kinds of bulk clothing are displayed on Tradalaxy?

Reliable wholesale clothing vendors display a wide variety of their products on Tradalaxy. All items are grouped in categories and subcategories for your convenience.

Companies from Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, France to name a few, offer apparel of different styles, colors and sizes for men, women, and children. Distributors can easily find good-quality items for any budget.

Speaking about the range of goods, on Tradalaxy you can find everything from fancy shoes to medical lab coats. And it is really great because you do not have to waste your time on searching for various specific goods on numerous narrowly focused sites.

  • High fashion wholesale clothing distributors will be pleased with the ability to choose truly unique and beautiful clothes. For example, there are authentic Ukrainian linen dresses with folk-style embroidery. Such dresses will make any woman elegant and charming.
  • Wholesale clothing distributors that target uniforms and special work clothes will be also satisfied with the range of products on our online platform. Here they can choose medical robes, medical footwear, lab coats, knitted sweaters for pilots, and so on.
  • However, wholesale vendors for clothes should keep in mind, that our marketplace does not display products of animal origin. All accessories and clothes to be shown on Tradalaxy must be produced from material that does not harm animals (like eco-leather, for example).
  • In their turn, good quality wholesale clothing distributors who are conscious about the environment are offered items made of organic material or even from recycled organic fabric. Such information is stated in the description of the product and their eco-friendly origin is proven by the relevant certificate (for example, Global Organic Textile Standard). For more details, feel free to contact the seller directly via the site form.

Choosing the best clothing suppliers: useful ideas

As any other business, clothing business has its peculiarities. When choosing items for business sales, you have to pay attention not only to the ration between the price and the quality of the fabric or sewing. Another important thing is the style.

  1. Remember about the style

For clothing wholesale distribution you can’t choose old-fashioned items. They simply won’t be sold. On our market place we display only those items that are stylish, durable and pleasant to wear. But in your turn, you have to think carefully, follow the latest fashion trends and then choose wholesale items that will definitely interest the further buyers.

  1. Pay attention to the country’s background

Choosing a reliable clothing supplier is not enough for profitable international B2B activity. No, you must take into account local peculiarities of the country you are going to import your goods to. Learn more about their traditions, average year’s temperature, level of economy, local traditions and even religion. Deep analyses of all these things will help you to choose the most profitable items for huge sales.

In short, both sellers and buyers must have attention to details and do not hesitate to contact their partners in case of any controversial issues. Remember that Tradalaxy is always ready to assist each and anyone in the development of successful international business.

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