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Import high quality goods from verified producers across the globe and get best deals with free trade agreements.

Advantages for your area

Save on high quality goods from verified sellers

Tradalaxy verifies sellers and their goods based on over 600 sustainable certifications. In this way, you get the best value and ensured quality. Our marketplace guarantees only reputable sellers are present, zero counterfeit tolerance, safe payments and fraud protection.

Convenient negotiation options

Talk with clients and partners via built-in chat to ensure best conditions for the deal. Receive real time updates, agree on the right terms to strike while the iron is hot.

Payment on delivery and real time orders tracking

You pay only when your order is delivered, and only if it meets your expectations. Though you submit the payment when the deal is struck, we release the money to your supplier only if you confirm you’re happy with what you ordered.

Performance-based sellers ratings

Though Tradalaxy gathers only reputable sellers on the marketplace, our buyers can leave their own feedback and rate their performance. Sellers receive badges based on ratings, so you can easily choose a partner you can trust.

Performance-based sellers ratings
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Unique trade data for effective busines decisions

Figuring out your own import strategy can be puzzling. Tradalaxy’s Trade Assistant provides complex trading data in an easy and comprehensive way, for free, to help you make effective decisions on where to buy.

It’s about community

Tradalaxy not only guides you on your way to global markets, sharing expertise and helping develop new skills. We also provide you with a supporting community and help you build long-lasting international connections.


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