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Our mission

We at Tradalaxy aim to create a community of small and medium businesses, that benefit from global trade and free trade agreements with the help of our safe and accessible global marketplace and its advanced tools.

With us SMEs will at last have the possibility to become as great a power globally as they are locally, fighting unemployment and social injustice, stimulating diversity and propelling innovation.




Small and medium-sized
business is big business

We support SMBs' growth through their presence on the world stage as we believe they are the leading force in creating new workplaces and fighting unemployment globally.


Trade must be fair

Businesses must be fair to each other, respecting contracts and meeting their commitments in a timely manner. Same applies to employers being fair to their workers by providing decent working conditions, equal pay for equal work done by different people, no matter their gender, age or other differences.


Adapting and learning
brings profit

We want business owners and communities all over the world to learn about the global perspectives of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) for their businesses and adapt to this whole new world of opportunities.


is responsibility

We are passionate about businesses that are sustainable, eco-compliant, use renewable energy and raw materials from sustainably managed local sources.


Animals need our

We believe that cruelty-free technologies and methods that don't harm or kill animals should grow their following all over the world. That's why Tradalaxy bans products tested on animals, or manufactured at the expense of their lives and well-being.


Diversity is the backbone
of success

Being a diverse international team, we created Tradalaxy to provide equal opportunities for businesses of any origin, owned by people of any gender, ethnicity or cultural background.


Leveraging FTAs helps
economic growth and reduces
global poverty

Tradalaxy provides new opportunities for everyone, including economically disadvantaged and marginalized small producers so they could move away from income insecurity and poverty to economic self-sufficiency.


Community is key

We intend our marketplace to be the trusted platform for reciprocal feedback and positive change. We recognize and respect every individual on the other side of the screen.


Customer service must be
timely and helpful

We challenge ourselves to provide stellar customer service, tailored to your needs and expectations in order to ensure rapport, mutual trust, and respect.


Quality-focused culture leads
to long-term success

We encourage quality conscious business conduct in our business community as we believe that quality means more than making a good product.

Our team

Being diverse and multicultural ourselves, we created Tradalaxy to provide equal opportunities for every member of the community.

Conscious and fair business practice leads to global success.

Alexander Yuditsky


At Tradalaxy, smart ideas and stellar experience take center stage.

Dmitry Mazenko


Fortune favours the brave. And that’s who we are!

Taras Żerebecki


Anastasia Pustova


Olga Shliakhtych


Dmitry Umen


Igor Nosach


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Empowering each other, we work together to make our community thrive.
Because when fearless minds team up, fantastic things happen!


We want to make a change to the way small and medium businesses scale and grow across the globe.

Tradalaxy shares the values and principles of top global organizations, which regulate international relations and promote well-being all over the world. We ourselves strive to be sustainable, eco-compliant, and contribute to a better tomorrow.

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Are you the talent Tradalaxy needs?

If you feel like our values resonate with you, let’s get to know each other. Feel free to drop us a line to: [email protected]
and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

It’s about community

Tradalaxy not only guides you on your way to global markets, sharing expertise and helping develop new skills. We also provide you with a supporting community and help you build long-lasting international connections.


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